Vintage FIFA World Cup Poster - Brasil 1950



The Saddest Day in Brazilian Football

1950. Brazil. After 12 years and the Second World War, the World Cup would finally return to football. While the Brazilian love for football was as passionate as ever, the prestige that came with their name had not yet been established. They had yet to win a World Cup but that just meant their fans craved glory all the more. The 1950 World Cup was the tournament of Destiny for them. The tournament was being held in Brazil that year and to put a cherry on top of the spectacle, the Brazilians had built the Maracanã stadium. It was easily the largest in the world and the perfect stage for Brazil to finally hoist that trophy. 

The tournament started strong for Brazil. They were sweeping teams aside scoring 13 goals in two matches during the final group. The Brazilian fan's hopes could not have been higher. With the group system their last match against Uruguay was a final in all but name. The winner would lift the World Cup trophy, Uruguay's second or Brazil's first. Two minutes into the second half the match would see its first goal with Friaça scoring for Brazil. The crown went wild. 200,000 people filled the Maracanã that day and every single one was on their feet. After destroying everyone in their path the Brazilians had no doubt in their minds they would win, defeat was inconceivable.

But Schiaffino would put a damper on the Brazilian's celebration with a goal in the 66th minute. The Brazilians still kept the faith. Then came the 79th minute. Ghiggia knocks one in for Uruguay and the Maracanã is stunned. A deafening silence falls over the crowd. 200,000 people totally silent. You could hear a pin drop. The game would end that way and the Brazilians would never forget it. It's the worst memory in Brazilian football. 

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