Vintage Cricket Bat Stuart Surridge Perfect Mid Century Antique

This is a lovely example of the Stuart Surridge 'Perfect' bat. Made in London from English Willow. The Wellington trademark bat has faint text that reads Stuart Surridge 'Perfect'.This bat was taped in three places. The tape has obviously been removed but the marking appear. The protection offered by the tape over the years has left this bat in tremendous condition. The wood is in excellent shape.

The 'Perfect' has a Trade Mark Wellington, Patent Reinforced Toe no. 316408.

Great for display on a wall, case, or photo-shoot. Ships same day. We acquired in London in 2018 and it was shipped to our HQ in Birmingham, Alabama late in the year.

In 1867 Stuart Surridge’s grandfather, Percy Stuart Surridge, began renovating cricket bats. The hobby led to a business and soon Surridge was making his own bats from the willow trees that grew on his land.

In 1893 Surridge patented the first reinforced toe in a cricket bat. It was one of England's best selling bats at the time. Percy's grandson, Stuart Surridge, became one of the most successful Surrey Captains, bringing home the national championship title in five consecutive five years.