Official USA Rugby Vintage Leather Ball

USA Rugby Eagles

  • Officially licensed by USA Rugby
  • Premium leather ball embossed with team logo
  • By Gilbert Rugby
  • Exclusive to
  • Custom wooden presentation case
  • Flat rate Shipping

Celebrate the heritage of Rugby in America with this handcrafted vintage leather ball commemorating the history of USA Rugby. Created by Gilbert Rugby using the methods and traditions that reach back nearly 200 years.

The beautifully embossed logo and text champions a team known for its skill and determination. Shipped in its superb wooden presentation case, packed with authentic wood straw,this ball will become a family heirloom. Limited in number, these balls are exclusive to Vintage They are a must have for any lover of the United States and would look equally compelling in your home, office, clubhouse, bar or boardroom.

Although rugby hit the shores of America long ago in 1874 (with the first recorded match between Harvard and McGill), it was another 100 years until USA Rugby as we know them today officially stepped on the pitch for the first time.

Rugby, however, had an impact in America long before 1975.  With colleges preferring rugby over football for a time, rugby was able to flourish  The "Big Game" between Cal and Stanford even was a rugby match instead of a football one between 1906 and 1914. This love of rugby culminated in the 1924 Olympic Gold Medal for the crew with a victory over France making them the last country to win in the full version of rugby union at the Olympics.

While rugby had declined in America for much of the mid-20th century, the 1970's showed a revival of the sport.  USA Rugby formed to govern rugby in the States, and the U.S. National team made its first official match appearance since the 24' Olympics during a January 1976 match against Australia.

Celebrate this rich history- one that continues to this day as USA Rugby continues to find faithful across the country to answer to the love of the sport. With this exclusive USA Rugby 1975 ball, you can commemorate the pride of Olympic Gold and the resurgence of a new generation on display in your home or office.

This ball ships for flat rate in our premium wooden presentation gift case - perfect for that rugby fan in your life.

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