Vintage Red and White Adidas Gym Bag
Vintage Adidas Gym Bag Red and White
Vintage Red Adidas Gym Bag
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    Vintage Red Adidas Bag


      Vintage Red Adidas Bag

      Based out of the back house their mother had run a laundry business in, the Dassler brothers, Rudolf and Adi, created The Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory in 1924. Adi, short for Adolf, had grown up making javelins and discus in his free time because of his love for sport. He completed an apprenticeship as a baker but immediately decided it wasn't for him and instead began learning how to stitch from his father. This is around the time Adi began to experiment with different shoe designs for different sports, discovering that it might produce considerable results. The pair worked hard as a team for years and created a renowned business in Germany by helping to develop the spiked running shoe which a large portion of the German track and field team used. Their breakout onto the international stage, however, wouldn't come until the 1936 Olympics.

      During the Olympics, Adolf Dassler approached American track and field star Jesse Owens and convinced him to wear his handcrafted spikes while competing. Owens agreed and used the Dassler brother's cleats to win four gold medals, breaking his own long jump record and defeating the German powerhouse relay team in the process. The relationship with Jesse Owens would catapult Dassler shoes into the international market and gave them the boost they needed to expand past Germany. Due to their recent rise in popularity, the brother's began selling upwards of 200,000 shoes a year prior to WWII. In the thralls of WWII, their relationship with Jesse Owens would save the Dessler Shoe Factory. Once American forces discovered the factory had worked with Jesse Owens they allowed it to remain standing and continue production. Troops became consistent customers and brought their gear back to America, further spreading the Dessler name. Following the War and the devastation brought on Germany, the Dassler brother's worked to rebuild their company and community, but a schism would soon arise between the two brothers. 

      During the war, the relationship between the two brothers had already begun to dwindle. In attempts to wrestle control of the company away from each other, the brothers used their political influence to sabotage and accuse one another. At one point there were even accusations that Adi had used his connections in the Nazi party to get Rudolf conscripted to the army, although whether this is true we may never know. In 1949 the relationship reached an irreparable level and the brothers split the company and its assets in two. The pair never spoke to each other again. This split would not be the end. They would each go on to create their own athletic wear companies that live on to this day. The older Bother, Rudolf, created Puma, while Adolf created Adidas. The two companies became fierce rivals amongst Europe and still continue to compete with each other to this day. Since the split of 1949, Adidas has become the largest sports manufacturer in Europe, and the second largest sports manufacturer in the world.  

      Step back in time with this Vintage Adidas sports bag. Perfect for everyday use or to act as decoration for your shelf, this bag is perfect for any retro style. Stand out at the gym or on the streets with this captivating red and white bag. History's greatest athletes have carried their gear in bags just like these for decades, now you can too. Smaller in size, this bag is perfect for a change of clothes and can fit wonderfully in a locker if needed.