COPA Football Palermo 1970's Soccer Shirt

The Rosaneros

  • Crafted by our friends at COPA Football 
  • Made in Europe
  • Historically Precise 
  • 100% Cotton

The iconic pink jersey of Palermo first took place in 1905. The Italian club went a direction with their jersey that no club in Italy had ever even considered. The pink jersey and black alternate became the staple of Palermo and has lasted for over 100 years. 

The colors were chosen by English club councillor, Joseph Whitaker, and he claimed the pink and black colors to be known as "colors of the sad and sweet." Whitaker thought Palermo should represent these colors because their results every year were very unstable and all over the place. 

Ultimately, the colors of pink and black stuck with Palermo and the club never looked back. Palermo still sports the pink jerseys as their home kit in the present day.

This one of a kind soccer shirt features the vintage pink and black Palermo crest featuring the Palermo Coat of Arms.

Own your official piece of Palermo club team history and enter into the team's legacy that still impacts fans to this day. We guarantee your product will be packaged in its own personalized gift box and handled with care and directly shipped flat rate from our warehouse in the United States to your doorstep.