COPA Football New England Tea Men 1978 Short Sleeve Soccer Shirt

The Tea Men

  • Crafted by our friends at COPA Football
  • Historically Precise
  • Made in Europe
  • 100% Cotton

The New England Tea Men were a North American Soccer League team based in Foxborough, Massachusetts from 1978 to 1980.

The NASL was a professional soccer league that started in 1968 and spanned until 1984. They laid the foundation for future leagues by becoming the first successful professional soccer league in the United States. The Tea Men’s rather unusual name came from their team owner which happened to be the Lipton Tea company. The Tea Men struggled for attendance over their tenure as an organization largely because soccer was not as popular in America. Their one glimmering moment of fame, however, came in 1978 during their inaugural season. Lead by the NASL most valuable player, Mike Flanagan, the Tea Men secured first place in their division. While their success was short lived due to an early playoff exit, the Tea Men stifled the public with their unprecedented division championship.

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