COPA Football Montreal Manic 1981 Short Sleeve Soccer Shirt

Manic of Montreal

  • Crafted by our friends at COPA Football
  • Made in Europe
  • 100% Polyester 
  • Historically Precise

The Montreal manic weren't here for a long time, but they were here for a good time. The club only existed for 3 seasons in NASL, but in that short time span managed some respectable achievements. After defeating the LA Aztecs in their first ever playoff match the Manics garnered a home crowd of almost 60,000 for their second-round home game against the Chicago Sting. They would win at home but would lose twice in the Chicago home legs and were knocked out. The 1982 season would bring more regular season success, but the Manics, unfortunately, crashed out in the first round of the playoffs. 

As swiftly as they rose, their decline was even sharper. in 1983 ownership announced that they would be attempting to build an all-Canada side, which spelled the end for any of the players currently on their roster who weren't Canadian. For their opening home game the Manic would get a measly crowd of 6,000, a stark decline from the 60,000 just two years ago. Lack of enthusiasm and a poor product on the field would mean that the club disbanded after just 3 seasons. 

The story of the Montreal Manic is short, but it is by no means boring and their short run makes this replica jersey all the more interesting. You can own a little-known piece of American soccer history and add a truly unique piece to your wardrobe. Made in Europe by our partners at Copa and shipped flat rate from our warehouse in the southern United States, this unique piece of American sporting history can be your story to tell.