COPA Football Holland 1950's Long Sleeve Soccer Shirt

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  • 100% Cotton 

Ever since its early beginnings in 1905 the Dutch National Team has embodied elegance and skill. Deemed the Royal Netherlands Football Association by Queen Wilhelmina its title emphasizes the prestige and royalty that comes with Dutch Football. Producing some of Soccer’s greatest talents to ever walk the earth, such as Dennis Bergkamp, Marco van Basten, and Johan Cruyff, The Dutch National Team is one of the most storied clubs in all of international soccer. The Dutch are arguably considered the best team to have never won a World Cup Final, finishing runner-up in three World Cups. Their greatest success came in 1988 when the Dutch captured the UEFA European Championship. Credited with developing the Total Football style of play, the Dutch have innovated and changed the game of soccer we know and love.

Falling behind other world powerhouses in the late 1930s and all of the 1940s, the mid 1950s marked the resurgence of Dutch soccer onto the national stage. The Netherlands did not allow any professionals who played in other countries on club teams to play on their national team. This rule kept stars of this era such as Abe Lenstra and Faas Wilkes from playing for their home country and thus making the Dutch National Team suffer. However, in 1955 this ban was lifted and the Dutch National Team reunited its stars and began its return to greatness.

Putting on this shirt reminds you of the pivotal time in Dutch soccer history where legends like Abe Lenstra and Faas Wilkes revived the Dutch National Team. Own your official Holland soccer apparel and take part in their legacy as a storied soccer powerhouse. We guarantee that your shirt will be packaged in a personalized gift box and handled with care as it is shipped directly for flat rate to your doorstep from our warehouse in the southern United States.