Antique Golf Ball Cuff Links
Antique Golf Ball Cuff Links
Vintage Golf Ball Cuff Links - Accessories
Vintage Golf Ball Cuff Links

    Vintage Golf Ball Cuff Links


      Celebrating the History of the Golf Ball

      • Crafted from antique golf balls
      • Each set comes unique and may not match the original site picture
      • Swivel Findings
      • Sterling silver setting
      • Certificate of authenticity

      A subtle and stylish insight into the wearer. These beautiful cuff links are made for the discerning golfer. Golf is a game of prestige.  A thinking man's game, it requires great skill and great patience to hone the finesse needed to compete with the greats.  Yet golf is more than that. It is a game of community. A game of brotherhood that forges bonds unbreakable across time. Whether etched in Scottish lore or passed down through the cultures of the world, the heroes of golf fit a different plane than those of other sport.  They are revered not just for their athletic ability but also their endurance as men. These cufflinks are crafted from authentic vintage golf balls and cast in sterling silver.

      The first golf balls in the 14th century were made of solid hardwood. From the end of the middle ages until the 19th century, featheries, painted leather balls stuffed with feathers, were considered superior but were more expensive. In 1848, the gutta-percha ball, shaped from dried sap, was invented and players found that balls with nicks and indents flew more consistently and farther than those with smooth surfaces. Thus, began an era until 1930 when golf ball makers experimented with symmetrical patterns and textures. In 1898, Coburn Haskell created balls with rubber cores wrapped in rubber thread and housed in sap-based shells. The Haskell balls', like there predecessors, also had experimental surfaces. The first dimple, or concave pattern, was a square mesh, which was manufactured from the 1900s-1930s. Eventually, this evolved into the round dimples used today.

      Set in sterling silver with swivel findings, these cuff links feature various patterns, textures, and meshes seen on golf balls before the standardization of the round dimple. Each cuff link measures 7/8" in diameter, and is a perfect accent piece to any good outing to one of the great tournaments of the sport.

      Shipped from our warehouse in the southern United States, we are proud to share this token of golfing history with you

      Note: As balls from various makers are used, patterns & wear may vary from image.