Vintage Chicago Bulls T-Shirt 1980-1990's




  • 25% Cotton, 75% Polyester 
  • Never been worn
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  • By Spectator Sportswear
  • Officially Licensed NBA gear
  • Runs Small

The Chicago Bulls professional basketball team has won six NBA championships, all in the 1990s behind the great Michael Jordan and coach Phil Jackson. The Bulls saw little success before Jordan's arrival via the 1984 draft. Jordan won 5 MVP's during his time as a Bull and win three championships in a row on two separate occasions. Jordan's supporting cast included Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr, and Horace Grant. The bulls saw a resurgence with Number 1 pick Derrick Rose before he struggled with injuries but look to the future to obtain another title.

This Official Bulls T-Shirt is 1980s-90s authentic and was acquired by Vintage Sports in 2018. This new old stock item was made in the USA and shipped to Europe approximately 35 years ago to be sold at the military Post Exchange in Mannheim, Germany. The Post Exchange is normally located on US military bases throughout the world and meant to provide US products to American troops. After the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, the US military emphasis began to shift away from Germany to the Balkans. The garrison at Mannheim, once one of the largest in Europe is now mostly a ghost town.

Trench Manufacturing Company dates all the way back to 1920. For all of its 75 years in business, it stood on Main Street in Buffalo, although their principal address changed several times over the decades. In 1994 Trench eliminated the production of pennants all together by selling off the novelty division of the company to Texas-based Tandycrafts, or TAG Express. Trench was forced into Chapter 11 bankruptcy in October 1995 after more than 200 creditors seeking to collect $5.5 million filed a lawsuit. Trench then began the process of liquidating all remaining inventory and closed its factory retail outlets on December 31, 1995, marking an unceremonious end to one of the more colorful chapters in the history of American sports.Trench made high-quality t-shirts with a great vintage feel to them. It is our pleasure to pass on these limited vintage t-shirts to you.

This item is a genuine vintage piece. It is new (unworn), has tags or authenticity stickers and is in excellent condition. However, some items may have slight imperfections caused by 30+ years of storage. Each item is carefully inspected before it leaves our facility in the United States. Small cracks in the paint etc. add to the patina of the item and should not be considered imperfections, they are a part of its rich American history.