Vintage Cricket Bat Ted Dexter Circa 1960

A wonderful and authentic vintage cricket bat. Made in England from Willow, this circa 1960s piece was handcrafted by Gray Nicolls in Robertsbridge, Sussex, England.

Gray Nicolls sponsored this ferocious stroke-maker for many years and this bat was created with the various requirements of the then England Captain. Edward Ralph Dexter, or as he was more commonly known Lord Ted, was a handsome, swashbuckling and aggressive batsman. He was also a great bowler and had a reputation for his powerful right-arm.

He served in Malaya as a second lieutenant in the 11th Hussars and went on to attend Cambridge University where he excelled at most sports but especially Rugby, Golf and Cricket. Having been awarded his 'Blue' Later he would captain both Sussex and England. He was eventually invalided out of the game in a freak car accident involving his broken down sport car that crushed a leg. 

This antique cricket bat makes the perfect gift for any lover of sport, especially Cricket. A lovely classic sporting appearance makes for a great display on a wall, case, or photo-shoot.Ships same day from our facilities in the United States.