1984 Vintage Lady Gray Squash Racquet

A Piece of Grays Squash Legacy

First played in prestigious Harrow School around 1830, squash found its origin a disorganized fashion.  The later half of the 19th century saw the game increase in popularity as school, private clubs, and those privileged enough to build their own court took on the enjoyment of a friendly game of competition. As the game found its structure, governing bodies started to form allowing squash to thrive under set regulations and a standard guideline of rules.

While there are several variations of the sport found around the world, the fast pace and friendly duels that draw so many to it stays constant through them all. Played in 188 countries as of 2009, squash continues to find joy known to more and more of the sporting community every year.

Celebrate this game of agility and reaction with this vintage women's racquet from 1984.  Made by one of the most recognizable English brands, this racquet shines with the character that comes with a company that embodies over 160 years of sporting heritage. Started in 1855 by rackets champion Harry John Gray, the Gray family has dedicated its generations to the love of sport ever since. 

What started as making rackets for students at Cambridge is today an international endeavor. Royalty itself has chosen Grays over the centuries with rulers such as Ranjitsinjhi, King Edward VII, and King George VI using the masters of sport at Grays to craft their equipment. Made by artisans like Tim Dowe and Dennis Mott (pictured here in the process of their work), the attention to detail on these racquets has remained constant through the present day- showing us a glimpse into the process used to make these racquets now lifetimes ago. 

Shipped from our warehouse in the southern United States, we are proud to share this relic from the Grays of Cambridge with you.

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