Spectacular Catch During Army VS Navy Game


  • Dimensions: 18.5x22.5x1 inches
  • High quality frame, professionally finished with museum grade matting
  • Hand framed with 100% natural wood
  • Flat rate 3-5 day shipping

The rivalry between Army and Navy is one that even civilians are aware of. The two powerhouses of military strategy, while on the same side in battle, are able to embrace this rivalry on the field of sport.  Depicted here, the men put their all into ensuring their honor is maintained, and their efforts lead to violence and breakneck tackles heard around the world.

Hand framed with 100% natural wood by our family of local artisans in Pelham Alabama, this high-quality frame is professionally finished with custom cut museum grade matting to ensure perfect proportions. Backed with kraft paper, our frames also come with hooks and wire preinstalled and have an outer edge measurement of 18.5x22.5x1 inches. This work of art is ready to be installed immediately.