Vintage Leather Soccer Ball - Black 12 Panel

Throwback 20th Century Styled Soccer Ball

  • Size 5
  • Handmade with beautifully aging cowhide leather
  • Leather exterior with rubber bladder core
  • Suited for display or light play

Many of the earliest memories people from around the world mention are those of the thrill of competition.  A ball soaring into the upper 90. A header destined for greatness. A parent taking time out of their day to kick a ball.  And a love for soccer that will never quite be quenched.

All of us have our own stories, and they all paint a mosaic of emotions as the backdrop for the game we call our own.  No matter how thick the rivalry between our clubs or how bad a player someone is, soccer unites us all, and the world will forever be better for it.

Embrace the love of the world's game with one of these handmade, 100% leather soccer balls.  Crafted with the same care that you put into everything that you do, this rugged vintage reproduction is perfect for that personal test pitch, office space, or display cabinet as an accent piece to all of your other tokens of glory.

Shipped from our warehouse in the southern United States, we are proud to share this token of soccer heritage with you.