Sean FitzPatrick Classic Rugby Signed Prints
Sean FitzPatrick Classic Rugby Signed Prints
Sean FitzPatrick Classic Rugby Signed Prints
Sean Fitzpatrick Rugby Legend - Back of Frames
Signed Print Vintage Sean Fitzpatrick - Hanging Wire
Sean Fitzpatrick Framed Vintage Photograph Signed - Stopper
Rugby New Zealand Legend Sean Fitzpatrick - Stamp

    Sean FitzPatrick Signed Print

    $150.00 $175.00

      Sean Fitzpatrick Signed Photograph

      • 100% Natural Wood Frame
      • Dimensions 20x26x1 Inches
      • Hook and Wire Included on Frame
      • Certificate of Authenticity Included

      Rugby is not for the weak. Victory is not given, it is fought for. And one of the greatest New Zealand rugby players of all time, Sean Fitzpatrick knows what is takes. Fitzpatrick, a hooker for the All Blacks, helped his team through 92 games scoring 55 points in his career. Because of his determination and will, he was awarded captain in 1992 and kept his title until his retirement in 1997. His success helped form one of the greatest rugby teams in history.

      Become a legend like Sean Fitzpatrick with this iconic artist print signed by the man himself. Hand framed with 100% natural wood by our family of local artisans in Pelham Alabama, this high-quality frame is professionally finished with custom cut museum grade matting to ensure perfect proportions. Backed with kraft paper, this frame also come with hooks and wire preinstalled and has an outer edge measurement of approximately 20x26x1 inches. This work of art is ready to be installed immediately. We are excited to ship this token of New Zealand rugby history to you from our warehouse in the southern United States.

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