Vintage San Diego Padres 1956 Baseball Cap

Vintage San Diego Padres 1956 Baseball Cap

EFSDP56C $49.00

The Team of Many Names

  • Made in the USA
  • Authentic wool broadcloth with felt emblem
  • Standard visor with green satin underpinning
  • Vintage haircloth-backed buckram crown
  • Satin taping with cotton sweatband
  • Adjustable leather strap and weathered brass closure
  • Historically precise 

Formed in 1936, the Padres had already lived a storied life well before their  official creation. Starting as the Sacramento Solons in 1903, they would hop around the West being known by many different names before finally settling as the Hollywood Stars in 1926. Eventually, the Stars could no longer afford their rent which ended up forcing owner Bill Lane to move the team to San Diego.

The Padres had mixed success over their thirty-two years but were able to record four minor league pennants.