Vintage Ebbets Philadelphia Royal Giants 1932 Baseball Cap

The Philly Royal Giants

  • Made in the USA by Ebbets Field Flannels
  • Rare, hard to find
  • Made from authentic, original historical fabrics and yarns
  • Fabrics and manufacturing techniques are identical to the originals
  • Officially Licensed
  • Adjustable leather strap and weathered brass closure

The Royal Giants continuously showed themselves as one of the greatest Negro league teams of all-time. Far from the city of Philadelphia, the Royal Giants were a part of the California Winter League, the first integrated league in the USA. They were the winningest Negro league team in the Winter League, winning nine championships over their tenure there.

They became the first group of African-American players to play in Japan (once in 1927 and then again in 1932). The team is cited by Japanese historians to be a major factor in the popularity of baseball in the country and a crucial contributor to the creation of Japanese professional leagues in 1936.

Led by hall-of-famers Andy Cooper and Biz Mackey, the team would bring on more hall-of-famers over the years in the likes of Bullet Rogan, Turkey Stearnes, and Willie Wells.