Pele Signed Puma Football Boot - Signed Memorabilia
Pele Signed Puma Football Boot - Signed Memorabilia

    Pele Signed Puma Football Boot


      A Tribute to Pele's Legacy

      - Procured from our partners at Icons
      - Authentic Pele signature
      - Genuine Puma cleat

      Throughout the past, legends have made their mark upon sport.  When Pele was discovered at the age of 15, however, no one could have imagined the kind of player he would become.  With over 1,283 goals to his name, Pele’s ruthless attack is one that kept many goalkeepers awake at night. Yet Pele was more than a player, he was an icon.  He shaped the world as an ambassador of soccer and was voted in by the International Olympic Committee as the athlete of the century.

      Celebrate the greatest to play the game with one of his greatest tributes.  This impressive Puma boot is signed personally by Pele himself.  The crisp color and sharp signature will leave everyone you know with one expression: awe.  Enter into the prestige that comes hand-in-hand with the name Pele.  Celebrate greatness.  Celebrate elegance.  Celebrate vintage.

      We are excited to share this piece of Pele's legacy with you straight from our warehouse in the southern United States