Framed Pele & Gordon Banks Signed Canvas

Pele and Gordon Legendary Players Signed Canvas

  • Museum Quality Canvas
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity
  • Flat rate Same Day Shipping
  • Includes High Quality Hook and Wire for Hanging

Two of the greatest to play the game, Pele and Gordon banks were opposite yet equal forces seemingly destined to make history as they faced off against each other.  This picture, depicting the contest between the two legends in the 1970 World Cup, perfectly captures the struggle between these two super powers.  Pele, known for his audacity and determination in from of the net, found an opening and took a try at goal.  His confidence soared as he lifted his arms in the air shouting "GOAL, GOAL!". Yet the soccer gods would not shine on Pele in this moment.  It was Gordon Banks who would go down in history as he made this seemingly impossible save to help give his side a fighting chance at another World Cup victory.

While England did not end up dominating this World Cup final like the one in 1966, this save has been immortalized in history as one of the most captivating saves of all time.  Remember this as you reflect on your own goal keeping escapades as you take home this large, framed canvas signed by both Pele and Gordon Banks.  The attention to detail shows as you notice the color pop and the scene be given back its life. Coming in at a finished frame size of 51.5x40.25x1.5 inches. this frame will surely be your signature piece no matter where you may finally place it.

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