Vintage Ebbets Pacific University Badgers 1930 Baseball Cap

The Boxers

  • Made in the USA by Ebbets Field Flannels
  • Rare, hard to find
  • Made from authentic, original historical fabrics and yarns
  • Fabrics and manufacturing techniques are identical to the originals
  • Officially Licensed
  • Adjustable leather strap and weathered brass closure

A Division III Northwest Conference team, the Pacific University Boxers were originally termed the Badgers. Represented by both Benny and Betty the Badger, the school shifted mascots after a vote in the 1960s which chose the mascot to be a Chinese statute known as College Spirit. This statute, a mixture between a dog and a dragon, got the name Boxer as a nod to the Boxer Rebellion. 

In order to mourn the loss of the Badger, students held mini "funerals" as their way of saying goodbye. With the Badger behind them, Boxer is now the cult favorite of the school, and he even gets to attend certain home games to cheer on the squad.