Owen Kimble - Cycling Master

Owen Kimble Framed Photograph 

  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 22.5 x 1 inches 
  • Preinstalled Hooks and Wires
  • Custom Cut Museum Grade Matting
  • Flat rate 3-5 day shipping 

Experience the flair of vintage cycling with this vintage cycling picture of Owen Kimble.  Born on February 18, 1876 in Louisville, Kentucky, Kimble began racing at 18. A local legend, Kimble won most of his regional Kentucky races. "Old Kaintuck" developed a national name for himself during his career. In 1898, he set records in the quarter-mile and was named the unofficial national champion. This led him to the highest point of his career- a trip to Europe and a victory at the Pix des Adieux in 1903.

This black and white framed photograph comes to a finished frame size of 18.5x22.5x1 inches. Made entirely of wood, it is made complete with kraft paper backing, a museum grade custom matte, and mounting equipment pre-installed.