1972 Munich Olympics Gymnastics Vintage Poster

    Original Munich 1972 Olympics Poster - Gymnastics


      Rare Gymnastics Poster from the Munich Olympics

      • Authentic 1972 Olympic Poster
      • Certificate of Authenticity Included
      • Tube Packaged
      • Dimensions roughly 28 inches x 44 inches

      Remember the 1972 Munich Olympics with this authentic vintage poster from the games themselves. Packaged with its certificate of authenticity from our partners at International Posters, this relic brings back memories of the games.  The records made by Mark Spitz, the controversial loss of the United States to the Soviet Union, and Dave Wottle's breathtaking comeback in the 800 meter race are all stories worthy of their own descriptions, but these posters bring back a much deeper and sadder memory for us. 

      The Munich massacre is a story known by all sports fans of the 20th century.  The brave Israeli players fought for their lives, and their deaths marked a tragedy unmatched in Olympic history. These posters to us are a memorial to those fallen and a reminder of the unity that sport causes between people.  The terror witnessed there sent shockwaves throughout the world, and through sport, the world responded in a beautiful memorial for these fallen victors.