Memorial Coliseum Vintage UK Basketball Floor Bottle Opener

Vintage Kentucky Wildcats Bottle Opener

- Made from the floor of Memorial Coliseum at the University of Kentucky
- Flooring from 1950-2007
- Nickel-plated hardware
- 6.5" in length
- Licensed by the University of Kentucky
- Crafted by our friends at Tokens and Icons
-Certificate of Authenticity 

The University of Kentucky is a school bathed in the history and culture of basketball. The Wildcats have found great modern and historical success as they enter a modern era as a team of consistent title contention.  Yet every legacy starts somewhere. Go back in time to 1950 when the Memorial Coliseum at the University of Kentucky opened and the men’s team went into full stride under its roof.  In their 26 seasons in this storied hall, the men’s team at the University of Kentucky achieved a 307-38 record. This history led way to the program many know and love today.

Take a piece of legacy with you as you take hold of this bottle opener made from the original floor of the Memorial Coliseum.  The wood features scuffs and scratches of a floor on which the Wildcats played 345 sold-out home games where legends like Dan Issel and Mark Hagan went up and down the court and took the Wildcats to two NCAA Championship Victories. Like these men of old, don’t settle for mediocre.  Remember the blood, sweat, and tears that were needed to make greatness as you tell your team’s stories while using this piece of history to make history in your personal bar.

This product is shipped straight from our warehouse in the southern United States.  We are excited to share history with you

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