Vintage Ebbets Juarez Indios 1950 Baseball Cap

The Juarez Indios

  • Made in the USA by Ebbets Field Flannels
  • Rare, hard to find
  • Made from authentic, original historical fabrics and yarns
  • Fabrics and manufacturing techniques are identical to the originals
  • Officially Licensed
  • Adjustable leather strap and weathered brass closure

Founded in 1946 alongside the creation of the Mexican National League, the Juarez Indios participated in the minor leagues from 1946-1984. 

The Indios get their name from Benito Juarez: a notable statesman of the city who proudly declared his Indian heritage. While always representing the city of Juarez, the Indios constantly found themselves on the move from league to league until finally settling into an eleven year stint in a revived Mexican League.

While not being affiliated with a Major League team, the Indios had multiple players reach the MLB or come from it to play for the team, the most notable of which was Walt Williams. Williams had been a widely popular player making a place on the Houston Colt .45s, Cleveland Indians, Chicago White Sox, and New York Yankees. After his ten year major league career, he would decide to finish his time as a player with two years as a part of the Indios. 

While there is no team today to represent the city of Juarez, the Mexican baseball culture lives on.