New York Sack Exchange photo signed by Joe Klecko

The New York Sack Exchange

The New York Sack Exchange exemplifies one of the greatest eras in NFL history. Greats like the New York Sack Exchange and Lawrence Taylor were dominating the league on the defensive side of the ball. They were the biggest show in town, but the stats weren't accurately representing their dominance. To rectify this the NFL established the QB sack as a stat to help better track defensive output. These guys were so dominant that the NFL had to create a whole new stat to show just how good they were. Gastineau and Klecko even publicly competed against each other one season to see who could get the most sacks from each defensive end spot. 

This is a truly unique piece. The New York Sack Exchange was one of the greatest defensive lines to ever dominate the field. Signed by Joe Klecko, this photo contains a personal story from the man himself describing what it felt like to play together during that time. Its perfect for any fan of the Jets or the NFL fanatic in your life.