Vintage Leather Jump Rope

Retro Boxing Training Jump Rope

  • Weighted wooden handles
  • Leather rope measuring 9 feet
  • Made with ball bearings to increase speed 

Boxing is a contest of will. Legends of the sport – the likes of Muhammed Ali, Lennox Lewis, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Mike Tyson – cement themselves in history. Before they were legends, they were warriors. Training was a way of life and sweat was their currency.

This beautiful heritage leather jump rope makes it possible to train like the legends of the sport – to experience that same rhythmic sound of the rope tapping the mat underneath your feet.

Our heritage leather is built to last; to continue to inspire the next generation of boxing legends and enthusiasts to come. High-quality leather, like the legends of boxing, retains the marks and imperfections that make up part of its story.

However, while strong enough to train with, our jump rope also boasts a finish worthy of display. Picture your favorite gloves accented by our heritage leather jump rope on your shelf or in your display case.  A worthy tribute to one of the world’s oldest sports.

We ship direct to you from our warehouses in the southern United States and stand behind all our products. We’re confident you’ll be as passionate about this exquisite tribute to boxing’s history as we are.

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