Vintage Leather Heavy Training Bag - Tan

Training Never Looked so Good

  • Beautifully aging cowhide leather exterior
  • Reinforced stitching done by hand
  • Durable heavy duty stainless steel chain
  • Suitable for gyms, homes, or decoration 
  • Ships unfilled

Boxing is a contest of will. Legends of the sport – the likes of Muhammed Ali, Lennox Lewis, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Mike Tyson – cement themselves in history.

Before they were legends, however, they were warriors. Training was a way of life and sweat was their currency.

Train like a warrior with our vintage leather punching bags. Handmade and hand-sewn from 100% pure leather, these bags – like the legends of boxing – are built to last. Characterized by expert craftsmanship and superior-quality materials, our vintage heavy training bag is rugged enough to withstand a knock-out blow from the sport’s biggest hitters and attractive enough to adorn any display case.

The bag’s tan color adds to the authentic look, and the nature of the high-quality leather used, combined with the fact it’s handmade, means every bag is unique, with its own story to tell.

This bag makes a fantastic signature piece for a workout area in your home or at the gym, and will last the distance as an heirloom piece the next generation of boxing enthusiasts will be proud to own.  

Approx. Weight When Filled;

  • 3 Foot (90cm) @ 25 KG/55 lbs

We recommend a combination of scrap fabric or clothing (find a local fabric shop) layered with 4-5 small sandbags for extra weight as filling which is cheap & easy whilst saving you on shipping costs!

We ship direct to you from our warehouses in the southern United States and stand behind all our products. We’re confident you’ll be as passionate about this exquisite tribute to the golden age of boxing as we are.