Gordon Banks Signed Goalkeeper Glove - Nike Yellow

Heroic Goalkeeper of the 1966 World Cup Champions

This product is shipped alongside of its certificate of authenticity.

Not many men have been blessed with the opportunity to touch the pitch for their country.  Many fewer have done so with grace and elegance. Yet fewer still have done so and left the field as a legend.  Gordon Banks is one of those legends. He anchored any team he was a part of, and his contributions to the England national team led them to be victors of the 1966 World Cup.  Just 4 years later, he again showed his best when he made the greatest save of all time against Pele in the World Cup. Banks would end his career with only 9 losses for his international team with 35 of his 73 international appearances ending in clean sheets.

Step into the box and see through the eyes of the greatest goal keeper of all time with one of these hand signed Gordon Banks goal keeper gloves. Dream of each magnificent save and glorious moment from decades past.  We stand behind our product and are excited to share this piece of English soccer history with you.