Authentic Vintage George Foreman Signed Shorts

"Big George" - Two Time Heavyweight Champion

  • Official Boxing Shorts 
  • Hand-Crafted with George Foreman's Signature 
  • Stitched Initials of George Foreman 
  • Certificate of Authenticity 

“Down Goes Frazier! Down Goes Frazier!”  The crowd howled with excitement on every side as Foreman stood above his foe for the sixth time in two rounds. One of the most iconic lines in all of boxing history is tagged to one of the most iconic men in all of boxing. Big George was a man prone to greatness.  A heavyweight boxer, he was a two-time heavyweight champion and an Olympic gold medalist. His punch was devastating leaving foes asleep in the ring. With only 5 defeats, one famously occuring in “The Rumble in the Jungle,” Foreman is praised as one of the top 10 boxers of all time.  His sheer force of will and physical strength led him to become the oldest heavyweight champion at the age of 45.

This pair of signed George Foreman shorts will put you back into the glory days of the famed boxer, and those who come across them paid with the rest of your boxing collection will have one reaction: awe.