Riders and Spectators Prepare for 1931 Brooklands Relay

Vintage Brooklands Relay Photograph

  • Dimensions: 22.5 x 18.5 x 1 inches 
  • Custom Cut Museum Grade Matting 
  • Preinstalled Hooks and Wires 
  • Flat rate 3-5 day shipping

Classic Motorsports are a thing many of us will never know.  The dirt paths and the small cabs led to some of the most skilled drivers to sit behind the wheel.  This race at Brooklands is the epitome of the early 20th-century racing atmosphere. The Aston Martins would have sure had a sound that could be heard for miles in the quiet forest air. Capture this for your sports bar or collection. Embrace the now vintage character of the scene, and relax as it finally fills in that missing piece you have been looking for. 

Hand framed with 100% natural wood by our family of local artisans in Pelham Alabama, this high-quality frame is professionally finished with custom cut museum grade matting to ensure perfect proportions. Backed with kraft paper, our frames also come with hooks and wire preinstalled. This work of art is ready to be installed immediately and comes as a finished frame size of 22.5x18.5x1 inches.