Vintage Leather Football | Brown with Tan Lace

A Token to the History of Football

  • Official NFL Size
  • Lightweight design
  • Individually hand-crafted
  • Beautifully aging cowhide leather
  • Cowhide leather exterior with rubber bladder core

60 minutes.  An hour of grit and determination.  Of friend and foe pushing back and forth on the field of battle.  The days of practice come back as each player starts to fit into a rhythm of instinct only possible for true legends of sport.

The fans cheer, and the smell of cold beer and warm food can all but be tasted down on the freshly cut grass.  Football is a sport about more than competition. It is about heritage and identity. Whether causing drama within them or uniting them more fully, it is a sport of family. It is the great American creation, and its impact has touched us all.

Sit on the sidelines as you catch visions of the olden days of football.  The leather helmets somehow thought to be the pinnacle of safety give way to hard plastic and pads, but the heart of the sport remains the same.  

Remember that heart as you take home one of these handmade 100% leather footballs. The smoothness of their design juxtaposes the rugged era of their use.  One of these vintage reproductions will lighten up your shelves as an accessory piece or be used in the old thanksgiving family game. Keep the smell of leather and the prestige of the past close with this vintage football.

Shipped from our warehouse in the southern United States, we are excited to share this token of history with you.