Vintage Football | Black Dyed Leather with Black Lace

Go Back in Time with this Retro Football

  • Individually hand-crafted
  • Beautifully aging cowhide leather
  • Official NFL size
  • Suitable for a game in the back yard or display case
  • Product ships deflated

Sixty minutes. An hour of grit and determination. Of friend and foe pushing back and forth on the field of battle.

But football is a sport about more than competition. It’s about heritage and identity. As leather helmets, somehow thought to be the pinnacle of safety in their day, gave way to hard plastic and pads, the heart of the sport has remained the same. Football is at the core of the American sports experience, and its impact has touched us all.

Keep the prestige of the past close at hand with our handmade 100% genuine leather football. The expert craftsmanship and superior-quality of our product allows it to be versatile. Not only does this vintage football look great in a display case, it is durable enough to be thrown around in the back yard. This combination of strength and style makes it an ideal piece to hand down through generations of football fans.

It’s also built to last – much like the legends of great players from the past – ensuring you can pass a love for the game down to your children and grandchildren with this piece any football enthusiast would be proud to own.

We ship direct to you from our warehouses in the southern United States and stand behind all our products. We’re confident you’ll be as passionate about this tribute to American football history as we are.

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