Cincinnatti Reds Vintage Baseball Photo Framed
Cincinnatti Reds Vintage Baseball Team Photo in Context
Framed Vintage Cincinnati Team 1913 Photo - Back of Frame
Framed Vintage Cincinnati Team 1913 - Hanging Wire
Framed Cincinnati Team vintage 1913 -Stopper
framed Photo Vintage Cincinnati Team Baseball 1913 - Stamp
Cincinnati Reds 1913 Framed Vintage Team Photograph

    Cincinnati Reds 1913 Framed Vintage Team Photograph



      - Size 15.5 x 12.5 x 1 inches
      - Museum quality custom cut matting
      - Full Kraft dust jacket
      - Shatterproof, lightweight acrylic glassing
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      The Show, Hardball, the National Pastime. The smell of peanuts and crackerjacks floats in the air alongside the crack of a ball hitting a bat and soaring into center field.  Baseball is a tradition that has stirred the imaginations of Americans for as long as memory serves. Time moves at a different pace inside of the local park, and what feels like mere minutes turns into an evening well spent.

      The acrobatic flair of the players and the legendary swings of the bat keep calling generations out to the ballgame, and the mythic status of the great men of old who played the sport continue to captivate the young and old alike.  Indulge your addiction to the greatest game on earth with this classic vintage style print of the Cincinnati Reds boys of 1913.  

      Hand framed with 100% natural wood by our family of local artisans in Pelham Alabama, this high-quality frame is professionally finished with custom cut museum grade matting to ensure perfect proportions.

      Backed with museum grade dust jacket, this frame comes with hooks and wire preinstalled and an outer edge measurement of 15.5 x 12.5 x 1 inches. This work of art is ready to be installed immediately.