Official Rugby Canada Vintage Rugby Ball

Vintage Canadian Rugby Union Ball

  • Officially licensed by Rugby Canada
  • Premium leather ball embossed with team logo
  • By Gilbert Rugbyign
  • Exclusive to
  • Custom wooden presentation case
  • Flat rate Shipping

Celebrate the history of Rugby Canada with this handcrafted vintage leather ball commemorating the history of the team. Created by Gilbert Rugby using the traditional methods that reach back nearly 200 years the Vintage Rugby Canada ball is made of premium leather using the same techniques that William Gilbert used all those years ago when he made the first rugby ball for Rugby school in 1823.

    Rugby in Canada is a sport of devotion and perseverance.  The bitter cold and frozen conditions cause the practice to be tough going and seasons to be split. Those devoted to Rugby Union in Canada are a tough bunch- showing themselves towards the top of the competition in the Americas. Canadian Rugby, in fact, is a squad with consistent international contention. They have been in each of the Rugby World Cups, and they even entered into the quarterfinals in the first ever RWC in 1987.

    Celebrate the legacy of Canadian Rugby with one of these premium leather rugby balls. Embossed with the team logo, this ball is the perfect gift for any rugby fan. Shipped in its complimentary wooden presentation case, it is ready for that special gift presentation (or display on your own desk for that matter).

    The beautifully embossed logo and text champions the Canadian rugby team. Shipped in its superb wooden presentation case, packed with authentic wood straw,this ball will become a family heirloom. Limited in number, these balls are exclusive to Vintage They are a must have for any lover of Canada and Canadian Rugby heritage. It will look equally compelling in your home, office, clubhouse, bar or boardroom.

    Ships from the USA.

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