Vintage Cuff Links | Made from Buffalo Memorial Auditorium

Buffalo Memorial Auditorium Cuff Links

TK057AUD $187.00

Crafted of "Seats From the Aud"

-Sterling silver
-Swivel findings
- Authentic Buffalo Memorial Auditorium seat wood
- Crafted by our partners at Tokens and Icons
-Certificate of Authenticity 

DiGregorio. McAdoo. Hasek. Perreault.  All legends that once called “the Aud” home.  Both the NHL and the NBA left a footprint on the city of Buffalo through this historic stadium that is still felt for any true Buffalo fan.  Anyone can remember the legendary “Fog Game” of the 1975 Stanley Cup Finals. The men gliding across the ice tearing patterns into the mist around them, creating captivating ghostly images long separated from All Hallows Eve in the hot May weather. Others would remember Bob McAdoo becoming the NBA MVP and helping take the Sabres from a consistently subpar team to one people would flock to see.

Whatever your reason is for remembering the Aud, remember it with these cuff links made from the seats from which you made those memories.  Set in sterling silver, these authentic cuff links are in short supply due to the destruction of the Aud in 2009.  Celebrate the greatness of Buffalo as you wear these to an event at KeyBank Center, or remember things in a more private way as they sit on your shelf next to other tokens of the great icons of the past.

Shipped from our warehouse in the southern United States, we are excited to share this piece of Buffalo history with you.