Boston Garden Parquet Historic Floor Cuff Links
Boston Garden Parquet Historic Floor Cuff Links
Boston Garden Historic Picture
Boston Garden Parquet Cuff Link Box
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    Boston Garden Parquet Floor Cuff Links


      Boston's Iconic Parquet

      -Sterling Silver
      -Swivel Findings
      -Officially licensed by TD Gardens
      -Original parquet flooring
      -Crafted by our partners at Tokens & Icons 
      -Certificate of Authenticity


      Whether a fan entered with pomp and prestige or after a day of hard work and sweat, the Boston Garden was a place for every Boston Native to escape the monotony of everyday life and experience the grandeur of the competitive arena. One could easily find themselves watching Tony Esposito as he continued to etch himself into the NHL Hall of Fame at the 1971 NHL All Star Game or Bill Russell finish up another year of his career with over 1,000 rebounds.

      Remember the iconic parquet floor as you wear it around with you to every occasion. Each cufflink is unique. Set in sterling silver with swivel findings, these cufflinks feature scuffs and scratches of the floor on which the Celtics won 16 of their 17 Championships. These cufflinks are crafted from authentic Boston Garden parquet basketball floor which was in use from 1946-1999.

      Officially licensed by TD Garden, we are proud to ship this inspiring pair of cuff links to you from our warehouse in the southern United States.