Vintage Leather Baseball Glove - Black

Made for Play

  • Individually hand-crafted using 100% genuine A Grade Kip Leather
  • High grade leather ages the product beautifully
  • Suitable for a game of catch or a display case
  • Glove is for Right handed throwers

The Show. Hardball. The National Pastime. The smell of peanuts and crackerjacks fills the air, punctuated by the crack of a ball hitting a bat and soaring into center field.  

The acrobatic flair of the players and the legendary swings of the bat continue to call generations out to the ballgame, and the mythic status of baseball legends like Babe Ruth, Willie Mays and Ted Williams still captivates old and young alike.  

Indulge your addiction to the greatest game on earth with our handmade vintage reproduction baseball glove, made from 100% real leather. This glove will take you back to the catches you heard about in stories from your grandfather.

Keep the prestige of the past close at hand with our handmade 100% genuine leather baseball glove. The expert craftsmanship and superior-quality of our product allows it to be versatile. The executive black hue adds an extra touch of style which is great for any display case or sports memorabilia collection. Not only does this vintage mitt look great in a display case, it is durable enough to play catch with in the back yard. This combination of strength and style makes it an ideal piece to hand down through generations of baseball fans.

We ship direct to you from our warehouses in the southern United States and stand behind all our products. We’re confident you’ll be as passionate about this exquisite tribute to baseballs’ history as we are.