Vintage FIFA World Cup Poster - Italy 1934



The Azzurri On Top

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Host glory in its finest fashion, the Italians prevailed as World Champions in their first ever appearance in the biggest tournament in sports. After being absent from the first FIFA World Cup, Italy hosted and won the second ever championship for world soccer. Italy proved to be the first European country to win the title and would go on to hold the crown as "World Champions" for the following 16 years.

The 1934 World Cup was the first of its kind, including a straight knockout format and eight different host cities as opposed to just one. Radio broadcasts were also introduced to allow 12 other competing countries to follow along.

The Italians truly were remarkable to watch in this tournament due to the play of players such as Luis Monti, Mario Pizzioli, Eraldo Monzeglio, and Luigi Bertolini. Monti, previously competed for Argentina in the 1930 World Cup, pledged his allegiance to the Italians during this World Cup and tasted glory this time around. Monti was part of a historic midfield that proved to be insurmountable to all competition including tournament favorites Austria and Spain. Monti was part of five South American born players that competed for The Azzurri in the 1934 World Cup. 

The first ever game Italy would play in a World Cup was against the United States in Rome. The Italians prevailed by a landslide score of 7-1. This was the first time the world had seen what the Italians were capable of and would definitely not be the last during this tournament.

The toughest team the Italians would have to face during their title run would be the Austrians in the semi-finals. The Wunderteam, as called by most fans, featured some of the tournament's best players. The game was played in Milan in front of 35,000 fans and proved to be one of the best games seen during the entire tournament. Even though the score ended in only one goal scored in the Italians favor, the game was a fight from beginning to the final whistle. This game showed the world what the Italians were truly capable of and had the entire country of Italy believing that this team world be eventual World Champions. Knocking off the Austrians was the largest roadblock left in the path to the title for the Italians, all that was left was The Final.

The Final game featured The Azzurri versus Czechoslovakia. The game would end up going into extra time after ending in regular time tied at a score of 1-1. Italy's own, Angelo Schiavio, would score the game-winning goal in the 95th minute to give the Italians their first taste of World Champion glory.

After winning their first title in 1934, four years later in France would prove to be just as remarkable as 1934 was for the Italians. Two World Cup championships in a row was an exceptional result for a European country and The Italians would retain the title for 16 years due to the outbreak of World War II. This 16 year reigns still the longest in history.

Italian prestige in the 1934 World Cup was truly the start of Italy becoming one of the finest teams in the world for years to come.

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