Trust is one of the words we here at Vintage Sports spend a lot of time discussing.  Our highest priority as a company is to connect those who share our passion of sporting heritage with the very best pieces of sporting history.

We value your trust. Our guarantee is that we will keep things simple.  We started this journey by partnering with the most trusted names in signed memorabilia, and we have searched the globe to find authentic and interesting items.  In order to guarantee our product, we invest heavily in every aspect of the Vintage Sport experience. Every detail must be right, and every flaw must be caught. 

We aren’t drop shippers, and we don’t purchase product after an order has been placed.  We pride ourselves in the high quality and short turn around doing things the right way allows us. Everything is sitting on our shelves waiting to find its home with you.

Sport has inspired us to dream, to compete, and to trust one another.  As you trust us with your time and purchases, you become an extension of our team.   Thank you for your support as we continue to bring new and exciting products to you from the corners of the Earth.