Our Story

Sport transcends all aspects of life.  This passion is a statement of who we are, what we care for, and even what we stand for. We have always found ways to share our passion with others. As players, coaches, parents, and fans, we regularly come together to support our community. Sport is a constant, a universal factor in all cultures, and we intend to celebrate its origins and history as such.

Our way of celebrating sporting history comes in the form of our company, VintageSports.com. The idea for VintageSports.com existed long before we registered the URL, the concept has changed over the past thirty-five years or so, but the primary idea remains the same: to assemble the best possible collection of authentic and reproduction vintage sports equipment, apparel, and artwork under one roof.

The original concept of a historical sports ‘museum’, has been overtaken by the digital age. However, our imagination continues to be driven by the idea of The Collection, the quality of the craftsmanship of times gone by and the events of eras past.  Our drive is to now share this Collection with those like us who are fueled by the richness of sporting history.

We appreciate that this is the start of something. We are just getting going and we are listening. As an organization we are drawn to the traditional American sports, but our history is deeply intertwined and inspired by the global sports of all continents. As we continue to grow, we value your feedback, please tell us what you would like to see on this site. We are continuously searching the globe for original collections and we thank you for becoming a part of our story.


The VintageSports.com team