Buffalo Memorial Auditorium Bottle Opener

Home of the Sabers and Buffalo Braves

- Authentic Buffalo Memorial Auditorium seat wood
- Nickel Plated opener
- Seats used from 1940-2009
- 6.5" in length
- Crafted by our partners at Tokens and Icons
-Certificate of Authenticity 

DiGregorio. McAdoo. Hasek. Perreault.  All legends that once called “the Aud” home.  Both the NHL and the NBA left a footprint on the city of Buffalo through this historic stadium that is still felt for true Buffalo sports fans.  Anyone can remember the legendary “Fog Game” of the 1975 Stanley Cup Finals. The men gliding across the ice tearing patterns into the mist around them, creating captivating ghostly images long separated from All Hallows Eve in the hot May weather. Or the countless other finals fought out under the aged arena flanked by the roaring waters of the falls.

Remember them every time you rest with a cool drink.  Sip in the cool New York winter air as you open your favorite drink with this authentic Buffalo Memorial Auditorium Bottle Opener and achieve your own little daily victory.  Made from the original wood from the 1940s, this bottle opener opens much more than drinks: it opens up the memories of history itself from this unique and vintage location.

With the stadium long gone, this item is never to be seen again.  Do not miss out on your chance to own one of these pieces of history.  Shipped from our warehouse in the southern United States, each Buffalo Memorial Auditorium Bottle Opener is a piece to be remembered.  We are excited to share this piece of the Aud with you.