Vintage Cuff Links | Made From Notre Dame Stadium Seats

Notre Dame Stadium Seat Cuff Links

TK0002ND $177.00

Made from Notre Dame Stadiums Historic Benches

- Made of authentic Notre Dame Stadium seat wood
- Set in sterling silver
- Backed with swivel findings
- Measures 3/4" x 5/8"
- Engraved with "Notre Dame Stadium"
- Officially licensed by the University of Notre Dame
- Crafted by our friends at Tokens and Icons

This product is shipped alongside of its certificate of authenticity from our partners at Tokens & Icons

Nearly 90 years ago, fans roared as “Jumping Joe” Savoldi soared across the end zone and become the first hero in the lore of Notre Dame Stadium.  In the decades since, “Touchdown Jesus” welcomes those brave enough to fight through enemy lines and aid in the victory of their team with open arms.  The Fighting Irish are a chosen few dedicated to the place they call home, and this place is a lasting picture of that home.

Wear a piece of home with you as you put on these cuff links made from the historic bench seats of Notre Dame Stadium.  The aged wood will pair perfectly with any attire and draw attention to itself as everyone around you wonders what stories go with these sharp looking accent pieces.

Shipped from our warehouse in the southern United States, we are proud to share this piece of the Fighting Irish heritage with you.