The Alabama Chronicles: Lou Green, Episodes 1-8

by Bernard Frei on April 30, 2020

Alabama Football Alumni Lou Green sits down with us at the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame to recount some of his greatest stories and memories as a player under Legendary Coach Bear Bryant in the 1970s. In episode one, Lou recounts his modest academic beginnings and a memorable encounter with Bear.

In episode two, Lou recounts what it was like playing under Coach Bryant. "Coach 'em hard, hug 'em later"

In episode Three, Lou recounts a memorable experience with Coach Bryant in the mess hall.

In episode four, Lou recounts what prompted his transition from playing on offense to playing on defense, at the suggestion of Coach Bryant of course.

In episode five, Lou talks about what it takes to be a football player at Alabama and reminisces about some of his former teammates.

In episode six, Lou discusses the Strong brotherhood shared by Alabama Foootball Players

In episode seven, Lou breaks down the rivalry games and what it was like to go up against the likes of LSU, Tennessee, and Auburn.

In episode eight, Lou tries to describe what it was like after a big victory, not an easy task.

Tune in Next Thursday for the Premiere of Episode 9!

by John L Slay on May 25, 2020

Lou, still entertaining. I love it, keep up the good work Paige.

by Maggie Priola on May 25, 2020

Love listening to stories about Coach Bryant. Please keep them up and thanks for sharing them with us!

by Duncan Hulsey on May 25, 2020

Great interview with Lou. He really bring the Bear to life.


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