Open for Business!

by Bernard Frei on March 06, 2019

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, January 1st – After a soft launch in the late months of 2018,  Vintage officially opens today.


The idea for the business dates to 1987 with a chance meeting between founder Bernard Frei and soccer legend Sir Bobby Charlton at Old Trafford in Manchester, England. A few weeks later, an autographed print of the great man arrived in the mail and set in motion an idea for a British Sports Museum. Over time, however, that dream faded as economic reality set in.

Thirty years later, Vintage has become the commercial and virtual version of that original idea.


Based in the Alabama heartland of American College Football and close to Birmingham’s historic Rickwood Field (the oldest professional baseball park in the United States), the VintageSports team is committed to establishing itself as the preeminent resource for lovers of sporting history. The online store boasts a collection of unique items from  Cuff links made of the 1946 Boston Garden floor, handcrafted leather footballs, 90-year-old cricket bats, signed shirts from soccer’s greats and a wide variety of antique sporting prints, apparel, and more.


Vintage Sports founder, Bernard Frei, explains, “our aim is to provide an experience. Yes, we have to sell stuff to stay vibrant, but we want visitors to spend the time to unearth these pieces of history just like you would in a museum, but without the crowds. I don’t think anybody wakes up in the morning and thinks that they need to buy a handmade, mountaineer’s Ice Axe signed by the first man to climb Everest! It has to be discovered.  We want to make the moment of discovery something special.” commits to telling the story of sport as their network of enthusiasts and writers continues to grow. This not only translates into amassing more unique memorabilia but also becoming the home of written history and other tributes to the legacy of sport.


General Manager, Brock Fogle, is known for his intimate understanding of both historical references and their meaning today. “Our vision belongs to our customers, but our focus is on great sporting moments: people, teams, and moments. This puts us in contact with local and international artisans who help us to present the timeless pieces that honor these moments of history in a manner you would expect to find in your national museums.”

VintageSports is honored to carry the mantle of sports history and share these moments that have shaped the world of sport for years to come.

For further information, please contact the Selhurst Ventures Press Office on +1 205 677 6026, log or follow #officialvintagesports


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